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Hi! My name is Jagriti (means awakening in Hindi).

About me

From engineering to user experience design and currently a service designer at Microsoft, my design journey has been seven years in the making.​​ My Resume

In my mind, designers, akin to water, can flow and change into any shape, meet new experiences head on and create something novel yet useful, unconventional yet familiar, a new product or a business plan!


From designing an award-winning service that reduces infant mortality in rural India to defining the user experience for the largest e-commerce destination on the planet, I use design not just as a medium to communicate and create but also to improve lives. Check out some of my projects!

I love collecting books and own more than I could ever actually read. I love capturing and observing reflections through photography and I am curious about the impact of technology in the shaping of human to human interactions, My blog.


I love to talk about life, work, music, anything and everything. Drop me an email or send me a tweet!

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